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Cat´s Paw

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SHOCKING. HILARIOUS. Make a random CAT S PAW appear between your hands to steal a borrowed... mehr
"Cat´s Paw"

Make a random CAT S PAW appear between your hands to steal a borrowed coin.

This clawsome gag gets hilarious reactions and can be used to enhance your magic by providing a double WTF moment in the middle of your magic.

Comes complete with universally fitting gimmick + a special ball or yarn that the cat can steal.

Purrfect for every magician s pocket.

Order your Cat s Paw TODAY.


The idea of using a finger puppet as a gag was first utilized from Paul Harris book by Bob Farmer. Bob called it The creation of life .

Derek Dingle used Bob s gag to explain the vanish of a coin, and that routine appeared in one of the New York Coin Symposium books back in the 1980 s.

Derek s routine was then popularized by Michael Ammar when he performed this feat on Letterman and renamed it Little Hand .

Since then Alex Ng, Kevin Ho, Roddy McGhie & Dave Bonsall all have their own work on this gag.

• Ellusionist quality.
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