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Invisible Deck - Supreme Line

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  • ZL10162
  • DiFatta Magic
Invisible Deck - Bicycle Rider Bach - Supreme Line - in rot oder blau Einer der besten... mehr
"Invisible Deck - Supreme Line"

Invisible Deck - Bicycle Rider Bach - Supreme Line - in rot oder blau

Einer der besten Kartentricks der Welt. Deutscher Text folgt in Kürze!


The magician puts a deck of cards on the table closed into the case. A spectator freely thinks of a card and name it. The magician takes the deck opens it in his hands and shows how a single card is turned on the back. Clearly this is the card named by the spectator.
An effect of big impact on the public because the card is freely thought. The spectator can name any card in the deck.

The brand new Bicycle Supreme Line are a dream come true for any magician or cardist!

- Crushed stock.
- Traditionally cut.
- No seal.
- Iconic Rider back card case.
- Air cushion Finish.
- Printed by USPCC.
- Very affordable!

• The cards are poker size.

Bitte beachtet, dass die Bilder nur der Veranschaulichung dienen.
Wir haben uns mit den Fotos die größte Mühe gegeben, dennoch können die Farben abweichen.

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